Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Very Kind Man Who Gave Me A Job Almost 20 Years Ago Is Now A Facebook Friend

Everyone Facebook is amazing. On September 11, 1996 I arrived in San Jose, California on a Greyhound bus. I checked in at the Plaza Hotel near the bus station. I desperately needed a job. When you were 52 years of age, employment was hard to find. I was low on cash and found that bus drivers would let you ride for free if you were broke. I got on one bus and plead poverty. The driver was this very nice but very tough African-American lady. She told me that there was no excuse for me to be in these circumstances. She told me that she was going to give me a ride to the Veteran's Center in downtown San Jose where I could find employers. She dropped me off in front of the Veteran's Center and I went in. There was a board there with several jobs. One caught my eye. It was with the manage consulting firm George S, May Company. I called and made an appointment for a job interview. I got directions and rode the bus to the company. It was located in a beautiful brick building. When I got up to the reception area I was greeted by a beautiful woman from Trinidad named Lovern. She spoke with an elegant British accent and is my friend until today. She directed me to the office of Scott Ocheltree. We had a nice interview and got along well. He made me an offer of employment in the telemarketing department. It was only $8.00 an hour but it was a start. I was told to report to work the following morning. I did and started a one-year career at the George S. May Company. My housing situation was precarious. I was staying in a hotel that charged $30.00 per night. A friend in Texas sent me $100 to keep me at the hotel 3 days longer. When that money ran out, I asked Scott to loan me $60 for two more days. He did so and I repaid him later. Scott was a great boss and a wonderful human being. I'm so glad to be reunited with him and to tell him that I have not forgotten his kindness in that dark moment in my life.

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