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War Between The United States And North Korea Is Inevitable

War Between The United States And North Korea Is Inevitable

I have been warning everyone for weeks that a miscalculation or a mistake is going to lead to a war between the US and North Korea that will result in the use of nuclear weapons in battle for the first time since 1945.
I promised myself that I would not watch the Ken Burns series Vietnam. After all, I had four friends killed there and some friends wounded. A Purple Heart certificate sits on the wall in my study. I broke the promise to myself. I watched the first two episode of the series yesterday. I focused on how four U.S. presidents saw Vietnam. Let me summarize what I saw:
President Eisenhower: He gave France hundreds of millions of dollars in support to keep them fighting in Vietnam. At one point, he was financing 80% of France’s costs to fight the war. France had over 100,000 casualties in Vietnam. President Eisenhower would not send US troops. He decided that the war was unwinnable.
President Kennedy: One quote in the show was most telling as follows:
“These people don’t like us. But if Vietnam falls to the Communists, I will lose the 1964 election.”
At the John F. Kennedy Library, I purchased a book: Vietnam Had Kennedy Lived. This is some heavy reading and quite scholarly. The conclusion is that Kennedy would have stayed in Vietnam until after the 1964 election and then started to wind down US involvement even if the North Vietnamese won.
President Johnson: Despite his humble background and education, Johnson’s biographer Doris Kearns Goodwin described him as a political genius. Johnson believed in The Domino Theory. In other words, if South Vietnam fell, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. would follow.
President Nixon: Alan Greenspan described Nixon as a dark and troubled man with a brilliant mind. President Nixon was a master of foreign affairs. He too believed in the Domino Theory.
With Johnson and Nixon strong believers in the Domino Theory, it was inevitable that Vietnam would be a long and a bloody war for the USA. North Vietnam won at the cost of some 3.25 million people killed. 20% of their territory is a “no man’s land” due to land mines and poisonous chemicals. After the Vietnam war ended in 1975, an additional 50,000 Vietnamese civilians were killed by land mines and unexploded ordinance.
Let us go to the present. Everyone thinks that Donald Trump is wild and irresponsible. Even if Hillary Clinton or Mike Pence were president, a war with North Korea would be inevitable. It would escalate to a nuclear conflict. The mindset is there as it was in Vietnam. It will start with some mistake or misunderstanding. It will quickly escalate into a nuclear exchange because that sort of firepower will be needed to destroy North Korea’s military capabilities.
Let me expose some fallacies as follows:
1)    Kim Jung Un and his senior management team are phantoms hiding in heavily-fortified bunkers all the time. Wrong, they do appear in public. Rest assured that the following countries have “eyes on” Kim and his management team 24 hours a-day seven days a week:
The US
South Korea
Israel (Due to fear of North Korea sharing its nuclear technology with Iran.)
The dream of all these countries would be a stealth drone strike that would kill Kim Jung Un and his management team. If this happened the country would collapse.
2)    Massive nuclear weapons will have to be employed with casualties in the range of 25 million plus. Nuclear weapons will be employed to “take out” military targets. My educated guess is one million casualties.
3)    South Korea and Japan will be heavily damaged. There will be some casualties and damage in South Korea and Japan. China should be very concerned. When things get really irrational, North Korean nuclear weapons and poison gas might be used against China.
What will follow will be a temporary fall in world financial markets with a nasty recession to follow. Violent protests will erupt all over the world. These protests will make the Vietnam War protests seem pale in comparison.

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Detente, Over A Cigarette

CreditBritish Official Photo From Underwood & Underwood/The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, Sept. 13, 1917
This was not a man who needed to be lectured on the health hazards of smoking. “A wounded German getting a light for his cigarette from a British soldier,” the caption in The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial. “The German was left behind when his comrades were forced to retire.” The setting was Flanders, Belgium.
CreditInternational Film Service/The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, Sept. 13, 1917
The cover of the magazine a century ago showed one of the “Floats of the Allies” in the National Army Celebration held in Washington on Sept. 4 to honor the men who had been drafted for military service. President Woodrow Wilson led the march in the capital, with a crowd of 260,000 behind him. Former President Theodore Roosevelt was among the spectators for the march held that day in New York.
Wilson wrote a letter in which he asked to be remembered to the conscripts in New York. “Please say to the men on Sept. 4 how entirely my heart is with them and how my thoughts will follow them across the sea, with confidence and also with genuine envy, for I should like to be with them on the fields and in the trenches.”
Maybe the president hadn’t seen the photo of the troop train of Canadian soldiers that was raked by machine-gun fire and shrapnel as it rolled through Arras, France.
CreditFrench Official Photo From Pictorial Press/The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, Sept. 13, 1917
Times Insider is offering glimpses of some of the most memorable wartime illustrations that appeared in The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial, on the 100th anniversary of each issue:
• Czar Nicholas II, arrested and doomed to die (Sep. 6)• Flanders fields, flooded to stop the Germans (Aug. 30)• Russia’s all-woman “Battalion of Death” (Aug. 23)• French artists on the battle lines (Aug. 16)• A graphic look inside a German bomber (Aug. 9)• Raw recruits gather at Gettysburg (Aug. 2)
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Some Great Words OF Wisdom From Bill Gates

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The 20 Biggest Animals

Subject: FW: 20 biggest animals

African Giant Snail
Africa does things big and this snail is no exception. Found in parts of East Africa, it can reach up to 8 inches in length.
Description: african giant snail

Cane Toad
Originally found in South and Central America the cane toad is considered a nuisance to Australia's natural wildlife and has few predators because of its toxic skin.
Description: cane toad

Chinese Giant Salamander
The largest and most definitely slimiest salamander in the world, it can grow up to 6 ft in length and is nearly blind.
Description: Chinese giant salamander

Giant Weta Cricket
Found only (thankfully) on a small island off the coast of New Zealand, this cricket is large enough to devour a carrot.
Description: giant cricket

Saltwater Crocodile
Believed to be the largest croc ever caught, this mammoth 21 footer was captured alive after a three week hunt. Amazingly it wasn't exterminated.
Description: Crocosaurus Rex

Flemish Rabbit
This is Sandy, one of the largest Flemish rabbits hanging out with her pet sheltie.
Description: flemish rabbit

Huge Rat Killed in Foot Locker Store
This incredibly large rat was killed in a Bronx, NY Foot Locker back in January of 2012. Let's hope this employee got some kind of bonus for taking on the beast.
Description: footlocker rat

Giant Freshwater Stingray
These monsters can grow up to 1,300 lbs and are considered endangered in many of their Asian waterways.
Description: giant stingray

Coconut Crabs
Not what you want to see when taking out the trash, coconut crabs have claws powerful enough to crack coconut shells. Needless to say, they're not to be trifled with.
Description: giant coconut crab

Giant George the Great Dane
With a spot in the Guinness World Records George weights 245 lbs and consumes over 110 lbs of dog kibble a month.
Description: giant george great dane

Giant Huntsman Spider
This bird eating spider was discovered in Laos back in 2001 in spends much of its time in dark jungle caves.
Description: Giant-Hunstman-spider

African Goliath Frog
Located it Cameroon, it lives up to 15 years and eats everything from birds and snakes to other frogs.
Description: goliath frog

Giant Hog
This wild hog weighing over one ton was taken down by an 11-yr-old hunter. Bacon for months!
Description: huge hog

Nomura's Jellyfish
Found in the waters off Japan it can weigh up to 440 lbs.
Description: giant jelly

Macroptychaster Sea Stars
These giant starfish were found by scientists in Antarctic waters back in 2008.

Mekong Catfish
Found in China's polluted waterways it can grow up to 10.5 feet and provide enough fish sticks to feed an entire school cafeteria.
Description: mekong catfish

Titan Beetle
Found in the jungles of South America, the titan beetle is second only to the Hercules beetle and can grow up to 6.5 inches.
Description: titan beetle

Trigger the Cow
6.5 feet tall, 14 feet long and over 1 ton, it's estimated he could produce 7,665 Big Macs.
Description: trigger cow

Bismarck Flying Fox
Found throughout the treetops of New Guinea, this fruit eater is the largest bat on the planet.
Description: bismarck flying fox

Japanese Spider Crab
Weighing up to 41 lbs, the Japanese spider crab has long been a Japanese fishing staple, and can inflict serious injury with its powerful claws.
Description: Japanese Spider Crab

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