Friday, December 16, 2016

Donald Trump Would Love The Chevy Bolt

Donald Trump Would Love The Chevy Bolt!
     Yesterday in the middle of a big rain storm I took a test drive in the Chevy Bolt; thanks to James D. Murdock of Stewart Chevrolet. Jim told me to drive it for as long as I wanted and anywhere that I wanted. With a heavy rain down pour I avoided freeways and fast driving.
    Ten minutes into the test drive I knew that I was in love with the car. We would buy one despite our concern over economic conditions with a new president in office. I have been researching electric cars for years with intense interest in the Tesla. Elena rejected this car because it was too expensive (say $120,000). The Tesla also immerses the driver in a massive screen. It seems like the car is in control and the driver is just a passenger.
    The Chevy Bolt is different. After all state and Federal tax credits are added in, you can get a fully-equipped model for around $31,000 US plus applicable state sales taxes. The Bolt has advanced technology. But the technology is not overwhelming or hard to understand. It is just a tool to help the driver. The car is solid and well built. It would give protection in the event of a crash.
    Those of you who have lived in Europe, Africa, South America, etc. are familiar with the Fiat Uno. (It never was offered widely in the USA.) I owned one in South Africa in 1991. It was gasoline powered. It also was a tribute to the great engineering skills of the Italian auto industry.
     The Uno looks small on the outside. It is solidly-built, nimble and handles beautifully both in the city and on the highway. Despite the small exterior, the interior was roomy and amazingly comfortable. The same can be said about the Bolt.  Jim and I are both big men and we fit perfectly in the front seats. We are dog lovers and we need a car that would carry two big dogs (say 60 lbs, to 80 lbs. each).  The backseat area of the Bolt would accommodate two large adults or two large dogs. The Bolt is perfect for driving in crowded cities like San Francisco, New York City, etc.
    When we got back to the dealership, I found out that there is a long waiting list for the car. Some dealers are adding a $5,000 US surcharge on the sticker price. Stewart Chevrolet refused to do this. I placed an order and was told to expect delivery in February.

     This is American engineering and design at its best. Donald Trump would love this car!

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