Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Nuclear War Between North Korea And The USA..A Thoughtful Email To A Friend

Dear David:

    I have studied a lot of Korean War history and read Henry Kissinger's On China. (I strongly recommend that you read it!) If military targets are hit and the management team eliminated, no problem. If one South Korea or US soldier sets foot in North Korea, the People's Liberation Army will come in. China's Rules of Engagement for nuclear weapons are simply: "If a nuke explodes on or above our territory we will retaliate with nuclear weapons." They do not consider North Korea their territory.To start to understand Chinese you have to understand Confusianism. If they were opposed to military strikes on North Korea, warnings would have already been issued.(Chinese issue three warnings and then take forceful action.)

    "The noose is tightening" around Trump's neck.Paul Manafort is getting ready to be indicted on some very heavy money-laundering and tax fraud charges related to his dealings. He's 68 and can't do 10-15 years in jail. He will start talking about Trump. General Flynn is already cooperating with authorities (According to CNBC and NBC News.). He may have made a deal to denounce Trump. Who knows what else the investigation will turn up. Trump needs this war to draw attention away from him.

    Elena is a great admirer of General US Grant who saved the Union in the Civil War. I asked myself:"How would Grant evaluate an attack on North Korea?" His primary doctrine is the principle of "Hit the enemy with overwhelming force with the intent of winning or don't fight at all." Kim Jung Un and his managers have created this almost impregnable military machine that could only be crushed with tactical nuclear weapons. If Hillary was in power, she would reach the same conclusion. Casualties will be 1,000,000 at the minimum up to God knows how many? Regardless of how hard North Korea is hit, the will cause some serious damage before they are crushed.

   Gold will go crazy and financial markets will take a short-term dip.

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