Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ah The Good Old Days Of Air Travel That I Remember So Well!!!

Time Flies

Ah, the good old days of air travel: Champagne flowed, gourmet meals were served tableside, legroom was plentiful and a helpful flight crew catered to your every need.
The golden era of air travel a la the iconic Pan American World Airways may be long gone, but it’s still possible – for a price – to sample the glamour for an evening.
Since late 2014, Anthony Toth has brought his life-long adulation for Pan Am’s memorable service to life with a one-of-a-kind dining experience for patrons in the Los Angeles area.
Toth’s Pan Am Experience restaurant offers visitors a night out in an exact replica of the interior of the classic airline’s Boeing 747 from the 1970s, Reuters reports.
For as much as $690 for a pair of tickets, patrons can sip on classic cocktails and vintage champagne from the era, while also enjoying a stunning recreation of the iconic airline’s most memorable, five-course meals – all served tableside by costumed flight attendants, of course.
“Part of the experience is actually how we present it and roll it on the cart,” said Toth. “It really brings the Pan Am menu to life.”

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