Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Great Act Of Kindness From Virgin America Airlines

I have been flying on jets for 48 years. I saw the greatest act of kindness by an airline in 48 years. I was up Friday morning at 03:00 (12:00 midnight Pacific time) East Coast time. At 04:25 East Coast time. a Super Shuttle came and picked me up for the ride to Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia. It was cold and dark. Several other passengers had to be picked up. I arrived at Dulles. My boarding pass on Virgin America was "TSA Prescreened." I went right through security with no hassles. I arrived near my departure gate, Gate B-63 at 06:00 I noticed a flight leaving for San Francisco at 07:10 My flight went out three hours later at 10:10 East Coast time. I had breakfast at a restaurant nearby. I came by and took a seat at my gate preparing for a long three-hour delay to catch my flight home. All of a sudden a man appeared in the waiting area. He was a captain from Virgin America Airlines. He introduced himself and gave a nice and a brief talk. He then asked for questions. I raised my hand and he called on me. I asked him if he had any space on his flight. He responded that he did. I showed him my boarding pass. I asked if I could change my flight to his. He sent me to a lady in charge of the gate. I was warned to expect a $150+ fee for the flight change. My boarding pass came back rapidly with no change fee. I got an excellent aisle seat. Soon I was flying home. It was so nicer to be back in San Francisco at 10:00 in the morning instead of two in the afternoon. Virgin America you're the best!!!!!!!!!!

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