Monday, May 16, 2016

The Santa Rosa Theater-A Precious Part Of My Youth Now Gone For Good!

Or this?
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Karen Langehennig Oh my goodness, I had totally forgotten the Santa Rosa Theater!
Dudley Varner I went to many Saturday morning Fun Clubs there in the 1940's!
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Deborah Cummings Spurlock I spent many Saturdays there with my brother and friends. Nice memories.
Carolyn Fields Spent most of the day there
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Linda Hebert I went there many times growing up. Memories...
Marti Moser On its last leg. I think it went XXX at the last.
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Dudley Varner Fess up,cousin Carolyn Fields You were there the same years that I was!
Dave Duty Booster Club Saturdays-serials, three stooges, contests and cheesy prizes, and feature films for 25 cents. And the manager in the late 50s was skinny dude with black bow tie and greasy slicked back hair.
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Margaret Sandlin O'Day Fun times there!
Dudley Varner I remember riding a rickety green Pioneer bus downtown
Carolyn Fields Pioneer bus was our grandmother's way to town
Jack A Womack Many good times - many memories!
Richard Winters We would be dropped off on Saturdays ..... thanks for the memories smile emoticon
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Patricia Drennen Omg the hours I spent there
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Edwin P Kroschel Saturday matinees in the balcony, life was easy back then
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Barbara Daniel Oh, those Fun Club days!
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Sherrie Cohen Young I remember a thick red curtain that would open Mom and I rode the bus from Village Way apts to the movies and then we went down the street to talk to the horses.
Sherrie Cohen Young In 1971 I saw Slade and Framptons Camel there. Peter Frampton looked like a kid like us. He had a bit more hair then and I had a few less poundsπŸ˜‰
Pat Dunn Great memories. Who could ever forget the Santa Rosa.
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Michael Boyd Elvis and vampire movies! .35 cents and hang out all day. Saw my first real surf movie there years later....'72 or '73
Morton W Fairleigh Saw many a movie there!
Carol Smith Giese Last movie I saw there was "the Legend of Boggy Creek" little did I know I would be living so close to the legendary area!
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Marsha J Baumann Saturday Fun Club.
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Cheryl Rex Klein Many memories used to have toto contest there at intermission. Many Saturday's spent there and Broadway theater.
Anna Lentschke Balderas I saw The Legend Of Boggy Creek there, freaked me out 😬
Sandy Anders Loved that place. we went most Saturdays after we did our chores. Saw journey to the center of earth starting Patty Boone. And the shrinking man. Lol
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Jack Waldbewohner Oh I remember this theater so well! It had a big part in shaping my life!!!!!
Jack Waldbewohner What ever happened to it?
Karen Langehennig It was demolished in April of 2007
Jack Waldbewohner Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
Jack Waldbewohner
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Debra Vickers Romeo and Juliet, first date and first kiss!
Randal Bonham The Hand and Dr. Sardonicus, American Propaganda News Reels during the 1960's. My first James Bond movie. Won Silver Dollars during the intermission contest.
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Shirley Anawaty My best friend and I sat through Blue Hawaii three times.
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Carolyn Alvarez Many great times at the Santa Rosa; especially Saturday mornings. Yo Yo contests always fun to watch. Many wonderful memories there.
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Tricia Moscarelli Oh yeah!!! Our parents dropped us of on Saturday morning and for 25 cents we could go to the Fun Club, see the Cisco Kid and Pancho or Tarzan and Jane or Buck Rogers, the list goes on.
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Claudia Bush Foley Large nickel suckers and Saturday morning 25 cent movies! YESπŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ»πŸŽŠπŸ’₯πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
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Claudia Bush Foley What a flash in the brain pan
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LuAnn Gaulding Matzas First one I saw was 101 Dalmations and last was The Cross and The Switchblade.
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Judy Fox Lucadou-Dooly Sw my Elvis and John wayne movies there and at the King Center Drive In.
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Stephen Trimm Many happy memories at the Santa Rosa theater!
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Hayden Black Great memories! Not sure just how many times I saw Treasure Island there on Saturday mornings & I still love that movie!
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Jack Waldbewohner I used to go there on Saturday morning and watch the old-fashioned movie serials. I saw Gold finger there with Joannie Mullinax as my date.
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Jack Waldbewohner
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