Tuesday, August 23, 2016

29 Year-Old Deaf Man Shot Dead By Police

On the CBS news this morning was a story of a 29 year-old deaf man shot dead by a North Carolina state trooper. This victim was not black or poor. The shooting victim was married and had a one-year old baby. He was not armed. This is a new low in police shootings!!!!!! Have we reached a point like exhausted soldiers in a war zone who shoot when there is any noise or movement.
The family of the victim will suffer. The state trooper will lose his job and,perhaps go to jail. The taxpayers of North Carolina will pay millions in compensation to the victim's family. This means important social programs will have to be cut to pay for this stupidity.
When Communists moved in to take over a country they would first destroy the confidence of the local population in their law enforcement agencies.
This senseless killing of innocents has to stop!!!!!!!

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