Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Some Incredible Pictures From All Over The World

A bridge over a frozen river

A room in an underwater hotel, Dubai


The glass trail of terror (height: 1,430 metres), China

The cleanest water in the world, Melissani Lake, Greece

The road through Death Valley, USA

The shadow of an air liner penetrates a layer of fog, Logan Airport, Boston

A thousand-year-old oak tree with a chapel inside, France

A drawing created with straight lines

A glass swimming pool suspended between two buildings in London

A view of Mount Everest from a plane

A sculpture made entirely from plastic bottles on one of the beaches of
Rio de Janeiro

A bridge made from tree roots, Indonesia
A parking lot roof made of 1,500 plastic bottles, USA

Moon light reflected off mountains

The white cliffs of Iturup island, Russia

One of the most unusual breeds of dogs the Tibetan Mastiff

An incredibly beautiful drawing made using only coloured pencils

The astoundingly reflective water of Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

The bay in the resort of Novyi Svet, Crimea


Corrie Janse van Rensburg

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