Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jack's Final Take On The 2016 Presidential Election

     I’m very proud of my service in the U.S. Navy. If you came to our house and walked in the study, you would find a Purple Heart certificate personally signed by a U.S. Navy rear admiral. (One gets an award like that for being wounded in time of war.) One of my most beloved films is the 1949 film Task Force.

      The best scene in the film comes in a big battle against the Japanese navy. We are on a U.S. aircraft carrier that has launched all its planes to fight Japanese planes. Walter Brennan plays the admiral. Gary Cooper plays the captain of the aircraft carrier. In the key scene Walter Brennan is seated in his large admiral’s chair on the bridge. Gary Cooper is very nervous and pacing all around.
    Walter Brennan says: “Sit down Scotty, you’re making me nervous.”
     Gary Cooper responds: “I can’t sit down sir. My teeth are chattering too much.”
    These are exactly my feelings about this election. I’m scared to death.
   Thursday night of last week I had a premonition. It is not nice. In the first phase I saw violence like a terrorist attack and a big possibility of Donald Trump being killed Monday or on election day. (Please those of you who know me know that I’m a very peaceful person who hates violence and never wants to see any animal or person hurt.) The second phase of the premonition was that Hillary wins the popular vote and on some legal technicality Trump wins the popular vote and becomes president. I hope that I’m wrong on both these predictions.
    This election shows how deeply divided that this country is. Some Canadians are starting to believe that we will have a lock-up and no one will be elected president.
       The key to this divide was detected by Elena. She made the comment that no one seems to care about the poor and their suffering in life. We have 70 million people in the US living below the poverty line. We have 6 million people since 1979 who have lost their jobs. We have a giant army of destitute and desperate people that no one seems to pay much attention to. Donald Trump has captured the hearts of these people. He seems to give the impression that when he comes to office that he can quickly and magically do the following:
1)     Issue a few executive orders and get all the 6,000,000+ jobs back that have gone overseas. (Ironically U.S. industrial productivity has doubled in the last two decades due to robots and not humans.)
2)     Issue a few more executive orders that will require all health insurance companies to sell their health policies nationwide to reduce the high premiums (As companies like State Farm do with other types of insurance.). The reality is that these health insurance companies have lucrative monopolies over certain states that they’re never going to give up.
3)     He will force the Mexicans to pay us as much as $25 billion to build the wall along the US/Mexican border.
4)     He will quickly round up all illegal alien criminals and ship them out and ship them back to their home countries within a few days of his election.
5)     He will institute a deportation force that will quickly and efficiently deport up to 15million people here in the US illegally.
6)     He will fire some tactical nuclear weapons on ISIS and quickly neutralize them.
7)     He will arm nukes and tell the North Koreans to get out of nuclear weapons business or else.
8)     He will put the US into technical bankruptcy and renegotiate the national debt down from over $20 trillion dollars to a few trillion dollars. (As he has done with Trump companies.)

        When he cannot produce on these promises, his supporters will become his harshest critics. In the midterm elections of 2018, Democrats will increase their numbers in the senate and the house. We will have a country even more deeply divided. We will have a country in grid lock that is not governable.

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