Thursday, November 17, 2016

What To Expect From President Trump In 2017

 Let us first look at the things that affect Kaiser as follows:

Medicare: Trump calls it a popular program and will not do much to it despite Paul Ryan's idea to privatize it for all future recipients.

Medicaid: Ironically Pence loves the program and uses it in Indiana despite other Republicans governor who avoided it.

Amending The Affordable Care Act: Trump boasts that he will have it fixed in his first 100 days in office. He will have to go through 456 members of Congress, 100 senators, lobbyists, the Department of Health and Human Services.It will take a while to change the 1,100+ page law. Trump wants to make it more privatized. If he can get the major health insurers to agree to sell health insurance policies all over the USA, he is off to a start. (Trump does have that talent for getting a bunch of people into a room and hammering out a deal.) He also has to figure out how to get young people to sign up. Trump has to come up with a plan that eases medical insurance premium rises. Expect up to one year to roll out "Trumpcare." Of course people not happy with the program will mount major court challenges.

Conclusion: For 2017 Kaiser suffers no financial losses or problems.

In the overall economy Trump will spend money like crazy on infrastructure,defense, etc. There will be a short-term sense of prosperity and the US dollar will go way up as interest rates rise to combat inflation. You will feel no economic pain

The tens of millions poor people who elected Trump will get little or no benefit.For the first year they will be dazzled by his talk and all of the grand projects. When they begin to see that they are getting nothing then you are going to have major social unrest and violence. Trump will use brutal methods to suppress this protest.

At the same time his deportation program to remove up to 3,000,000 illegal immigrants will cause all sorts of unrest and violence.

He and Putin will "team up" to carry out foreign policy. You can use your imagination there.

He will hassle certain countries and companies about international trade. This will be done to satisfy the people who elected him.

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