Friday, February 24, 2017

A Dear Facebook Friend Has Cancer

Everyone a dear Facebook friend is quite ill with cancer, The prognosis is not good. It breaks my heart.
In 1966 I read a book called The Captain by Jan de Hartog. To this day it is a treasured part of my library. Every time I read the ending of the book, tears come down my eyes.
At the end of the book he is talking to his son about his experiences in World War II as the captain of an ocean-going tug boat that accompanied convoys from England to Murmansk in Russia. He talks about all of the people who he saw die. He tells his son what a big part luck plays in all of our lives.
Some of us are lucky and have good health. Good medical care can help but it is not a guarantee of a long life. I see this even with the dogs that we have had.

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