Wednesday, July 13, 2016

More People Agree With My Assessment Of This Presidential Election In The USA

After the 2008 financial collapse, Elena and I found ourselves in an awful position. Our house had $845,000 in debt and was worth $390,000. We had also run up a large credit card debt while Elena was a medical resident earning a humble salary. Elena comes from a culture where people pay their debts and do not run to bankruptcy court.
We hired Alan Sherman and Mike Comfort of the Comfort Law Firm to save us from a disaster. It took some years of hard work and protracted negotiating. Creditors were paid off and now our house has a wonderful positive equity. Mike and Alan did an incredible job!
Yesterday I went to lunch with the two principals of the law firm and the wife of Mike Comfort. The subject of the current presidential election came up. Please bear in mind that I was at the lunch table with two political moderates and a political conservative and strong Donald Trump supporter. All at the table were well-educated and well-informed.
All along I have been warning people that literally anything could happen from now to November 8, 2016 when we go to vote for president. I did not mention my views. All three of them said what I have been saying all along-expect anything. They even warned of the possibility of an assassination.
I'm sad about the final prediction but delighted that more well-educated people agree with my prediction about this presidential election

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