Saturday, March 25, 2017

Do Machines Have A Spirit Like Living Things? A Bizarre Happening Yesterday

Everyone something bizarre happened as I went to start the Saturn Vue SUV to take it to its new home at the Peninsula Humane Society. In a driving rain, I went out to the car. I found its electronics dead. I saw no evidence that I had left on the lights or lightning had struck the vehicle.I saw no evidence of tampering or vandalism. I had to call AAA. A truck came out and jump started the battery. I was able to drive the car to the Peninsula Humane Society and turn it over to officials there.
I told Elena the story in the evening. She said that she believed that machines and other inanimate things have a spirit just like living things. The car just did not want to leave its home of 10.5 years.
Elena made a good point.

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