Tuesday, March 21, 2017

My Fathers Wonderful Wisdom Still Guides And Protects Me

Those of you who know me well have heard me recite a saying that my father gave to me many decades ago. He told me what to do when I was in a hopeless situation and "all seemed lost." His words were:
"Son when you're surrounded by seven big, mean, and angry men and all looks hopeless, keep your mouth shut and your eyes and your ears open. God will always provide."
As a doctor, Elena has seen many patients die (some truly unfairly.) She doesn't believe this saying.
It has worked magic in my life many times. It did yesterday afternoon. Our financial institution approved the loan for the Chevy Bolt electric car. When I got the email, I saw that they had given us over $8,000 more than the purchase price of the car. I was facing a big IRS debt and this cut it quite nicely.
Dad I hope that you're up in Heaven. I hope that you saw yesterday that your wisdom is still having a big impact on my life!!!

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