Thursday, April 27, 2017

A Serious Warning About North Korea

A Serious Warning About North Korea
Everyone let us forget about Korea launching an attack with missiles and miniature warheads that fit on these missiles like those the US, Russia, China, Britain, Israel, India, and Pakistan have.
What is played down in the media and by the US government is that North Korea is a criminal state. They have engaged in massive currency counterfeiting operations. They're heavily involved in heroin smuggling with events like whole freighters full of heroin being seized. They're also heavily involved in cyber crime. For example, they are a serious suspect in the recent $995 million plus cyber robbery of the Central Bank of Bangladesh.
One of my most beloved books was written by the computer terrorism expert for President Bush II. It's title is The Right of Boom. If I were a wealthy man I would buy 10,000 copies and give it away free to world leaders, law enforcement people, business leaders and government officials.
The book begins with a hypothetical attack on Washington, DC with a Hiroshima-sized bomb smuggled in by terrorists. The awful death and destruction is described in graphic detail. The books ends with officials still not able to prove who did it.
Look for North Korea to smuggle weapons into cities they wanted to hit. For example freighters could be dispatched to Tokyo, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Nuclear weapons could be detonated in the harbor before the boats docked for customs inspections. Submarines could also be used for a dirty job like this. They could also sell nuclear weapons or deadly gas to terrorists. Their cyber crime group could bring down our power grid, for example.
Even if you were not hit with one of these weapons strikes, you would be affected. There would be panic on financial markets around the world. The value of your retirement fund, investments and your home or apartment would drop. Unemployment would spike up.

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