Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Some Further Thoughts On Home Burglaries And Cameras

My comment about installing video cameras got a response that I was not expecting.
Elena and I are very middle class. We have no treasures in our house that would mandate turning the house into a fortress.
When a burglary happens here, it's not a team of professionals going after expensive paintings, fancy jewels, antique firearms, or other trappings of the rich. Rather someone smashes the door, runs in, grabs what they see quickly and runs out.
If you have a laptop with very confidential company information that can be a disaster. Hopefully people secure such things carefully for fear of losing their job.
Generally people lose televisions, computers, guns, and cameras. Insurance pays for most of the loss after a deductible.
The financial loss isn't an issue. Having been a victim of two burglaries in my life, I can tell you one thing. It's not the financial loss. It's the awful feeling afterwards that you have been violated. I equate it to how a woman must feel after she is raped or forced to have sex when her heart is really not in it.

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