Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tactical Nuclear Weapons Scenario-North Korea

[Analytical & Intelligence Comments ] FEEDBACK: How Tensions on the Korean Peninsula Might Play Out ( sent a message using the contact form at look at the current options for a conventional attack on North Korean nuclear facilities and give an estimate of casualties in North Korea and South Korea.Then let us take it one step further. Let us assume that General Mattias (who would plan the operation) put himself in the shoes of General US Grant in the civil war. General Grant decided that the only way to fight a war was to hit the enemy with overwhelming force. General Mattias may decide that using tactical nuclear weapons against nuclear sites, airfields, and the mountains where all of the artillery is contained. Please work up that scenario including casualties. I'm not crazy. This could very well happen in real life. Of course China would be told that this was just an operation to stop North Korean madness and that the Chinese would follow behind us to handle the regime change that would follow.

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