Friday, January 27, 2017

Jack's Comments On The Television Series Hunted

Last night I watched some episodes of Hunted with Elena. For those of you not familiar with the show, 12 people in teams of two people each go on the run while being tracked by some of the best people hunters on planet earth. If you're able to elude your highly-professional hunters for 30 days, you get a $250,000 US prize.
Those of you who know me well know that i have decades of experience disappearing and evading capture. Here is how a professional evades capture as follows:
1) Cash is king. You need to keep several thousand in cash in your house or apartment where you can get it fast. All of your credit and debit cards are now worthless. The first time you use one of these, the authorities will know right where you are.
2) All of your electronic devices have to go including cell phones, lap tops, electronic watches, etc. Your car has to go.
3) When you make a phone call borrow someone else's phone of make a call from the old-fashioned pay phone.
4) You will have no further contact with friends and relatives.
5) "An airport is a police station." Stay out of all airports!
6) Ride on buses and old-fashioned taxis where you can pay cash.
7) You can either pitch a tent and hide in the country or make your way to another country not likely to send you back to the USA.
8) While on the run do not confide in anyone. In fact keep a very low profile and try to be invisible.

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