Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Final Predictions Before The Swearing In

We are getting very close to the inauguaration day and I see these things coming:
1) Unknown to most people Mexico has the 4th largest car manufacturing industry in the world. Trump will void NAFTA and put huge import duties on cars made in Mexico being imported to the US. Unless these Mexican car manufacturers have another place to sell the cars they will shut down. Canada may get hit with this also but it will not hurt them in the same way.
2) China is in big problems as Trump sees them as the one country cheating us the most. Look for a 45% duty on goods imported from China. This will cause big problems and tensions.
3) Kim Jun Un and the North Korean gangsters are going to blatantly and openly "jump in the face of Trump" and challenge him over nuclear weapons. You are going to see nuclear weapons used for the first time in combat since 1945. The US has the firepower to destroy the North Korean military machine. We will see cyber attacks here and terrorists attacks in retaliation. This will cause a new Cold War between China and the US.
3) Trump sincerely wants to produce a new health care program where no one loses their insurance coverage. Despite his best intentions, the very ill and vulnerable will lose coverage. In rich states like California, the states will take over paying for this coverage. In red states that are without a lot of money, many people will have very poor or no medical coverage. Sick people will die.
4) Putin has "painted himself into a corner over election hacking. This will make it difficult for Trump to develop a close working relationship with him.(In public anyway.)

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