Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Cason Benham..Well Done!!!!!

Elena and I are privileged to have a wonderful CPA named Cason Benham. He has incredible competence in taxation and many other areas of accounting and finance. He is, as the old saying goes, "As honest as the day is long." He works tirelessly to do the best for his clients. He is also tough and critical. He will often tell you what you cannot do and what is not perfectly ethical and legal. He did a brilliant job on Elena's IRS audit for the tax years 2013-2014 On Sunday we worked to complete Elena's 2015 tax return. Cason was throwing out deductions "right and left." I was worried that we were facing a huge additional tax bill around $20,000. Yesterday afternoon I got the documents that Elena needs to file to e-file the return. Thanks to Cason's good work, she only owes a bit over $9,000. Cason WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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