Thursday, September 22, 2016

We Could Find Ourselves Without A President For Months Or Even Years

Dear David:

   Your comments are most appreciated. Let us focus on police violence for a moment. I was raised in the East End of Houston, Texas. This was a very lower-middle class neighborhood. More affluent and well-educated people in Houston "looked down their noses" at the people living there. It was assumed that only Southern Red Necks lived there (Now the area is full of blacks and Latinos.)

    In the early 1960's the Houston Police Department was both hated and feared. Torture of suspects was "business as usual." If a juvenile were caught doing something wrong, they might not be arrested and taken to Juvenile Hall. Rather they would be put int eh back seat of a squad car. The two officers would proceed to give them a hard beating before releasing them to go home. One day after school I was attacked by a more powerful student. I was carrying a briefcase with heavy books in it. I defended myself by swinging the brief case and breaking my attacker's nose. The Houston police were called. The man with the broken nose was taken off in an ambulance. Despite the fact that I was acting in self-defense, I was put in the back of a squad car and beaten up. I went home and my father was proud of me for badly injuring my attacker. The next day in school I was taken to the vice-principal's office and threatened with suspension and a black mark on my school record. My other option was to lay across the desk of the vice-principal while he whacked me in my back side with a paddle several times. I accepted this option.

    David as violent and as ruthless as the Houston Police Department was in those days, I cannot remember a case where an unarmed suspect was shot by these fascist police. What has our world come to?

    Pollsters and other election professionals are subtly hinting at an election scenario where Trump wins the popular vote and Hillary wins the electoral votes. Trump could very well mount all sorts of court challenges that could drag on for years. No presidential candidate in modern times has done this. (Even Al Gore dropped his legal challenges and let Bush 2 be inaugurated.) The most troubling question is:

"Could Hillary be inaugurated while these court challenges worked their way through the system?"

   If the answer is no we might be without a president for months or years. Or Obama might choose to stay on while the mess is sorted out.

   Even if she could be inaugurated, she would have a big cloud hanging over her head. All of this would be another example of "Crooked Hillary" in the eyes of Trump supporters. Our country would be fractured and ungovernable.

With kindest regards,

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