Thursday, September 29, 2016

Our New "Donald J. Trump Icebox"

After six long years the freezing compartment in our old Samsung refrigerator/freezer went out because of an insulation problem. We could have called a repairman to fix it. (Elena's preferred method.) I decided that we needed a new fridge. Elena asked me to hold off on buying it for a few months. I was concerned about the outcome of the presidential election. In my mind, if Trump won,we might not have the money to buy a new refrigerator. I decided that it was "now or never." The new Samsung refrigerator/freezer arrived yesterday. There was some suspense as to whether it would fit into the space occupied by the old refrigerator/freezer as it is larger. It does fit. Forever this new refrigerator/freezer will be known as "Our Donald Trump icebox!" Elena wanted to imbed an unflattering picture of Donald Trump in the front of the new unit.

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