Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Movie Sully-"A Must See!"

Sully is a beautiful and very informative movie. We all know the heroic thing that Captain Sullenberger did when he landed his crippled airliner in the Hudson River and saved 155 lives. We saw him become a national hero. We saw him honored by both President Bush and President Obama. He became a regular on national television. He got lucrative book deals and commercial sponsorships.

But what we did not know was that the aviation bureaucracy was not happy with what he did. They were literally trying to disgrace him and strip him of his pension after decades of service with US Airways. Electronic data from the plane reported that one jet engine was still operating at low idle and could have provided power. Sadly this engine went missing. It was only later found. Inspections revealed that the electronic data was wrong and the engine’s turbofans and veins were destroyed. Simulations with actual pilots in simulators first showed that Sully could have glided his plane back to Laguardia Airport or to a couple of airports in New Jersey.

Captain Sullenberger comes across in the film as a man with incredible calm and competence. Without a lawyer to help him, he brilliantly defended himself. He noted flaws in the live-pilot simulations. When corrections were made based on his comments, both simulators crashed before reaching their intended airports. We also see a very modest and a humble man who literally pulled off the impossible. This movie is great for all audiences

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