Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Donald Trump: "Book Him Danno"

Way back in 1982 I made some low-level bureaucrats at the US State Department got mad at me, What followed was 17 years of hell including numerous court cases and incarcerations. I learned form that very negative experience one thing. You do not want to be the person that some bureaucrat decides "to make an example of."

What is disturbing about "being made an example of" is that it is applied in a very arbitrary manner. Ten people can do the same thing. Nine of the ten people will be punished lightly or not at all. The tenth person will receive severe punishment. In many cases the government employees administering the punishment will not understand why one particular person was chosen for the severe punishment.

The whole idea behind this strategy is to frighten many other people tempted to break the rules into compliance.

Donald Trump's own words are going to make some bureaucrats at the IRS, SEC, etc.mad and come to the conclusion that he must be made an example of to frighten other people and companies from doing similar things. All of his money, political connections, bullying, etc will not protect him from a serious Federal criminal investigation and indictment. The trial or trials that follow will be very expensive and protracted. He will have a 99% chance of being found guilty. Once found guilty he will go to Federal prison.

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