Monday, May 15, 2017

An Incredible Mother's Day Story Of Lung Cancer Survival

May 15, 2017

Elizabeth Cook
KPIX Channel Five News
855 Battery Street
San Francisco, California 94111

Reference: Your Mothers Miraculous Lung Cancer Story

Dear Elizabeth:

        Your story last night on the 6 o’clock news really touched my heart for a personal reason. It was such a fluke of good luck that your mother’s broken arm lead to a CT scan that detected lung cancer in its earliest stages.

           I have a somewhat similar story. In 2015, I had violent pain in my lower abdomen. I went to the emergency room. A CT scan was done. A small spot was detected on one of my lungs by accident. I was instructed to come back one year later for another CT scan. The original spot was gone. But a node was detected higher up in my lung. There was a strong suspicion of the onset of lung cancer. A great specialist from Kaiser was not sure that it was malignant. Every six months I do a CT scan as a follow-up.

           People who don’t smoke die of lung cancer quite often. The mayor of Milbrae died of lung cancer in her mid-50’s. One of my wife’s medical colleagues also died of lung cancer in her 50’s. My primary care physician has a father one year older than me. He has stage-four lung cancer after a life free from smoking. He is only alive now due to an experimental drug from UCSF. All these people had access to some of the best medical care on earth.

   What a beautiful Mother’s Day Story that you gave us!

With kindest regards,

-Jack Waldbewohner

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