Monday, May 1, 2017

Escaping From Homelessness

Diane Shatto is fascinated with my story. She asked me to tell everyone how I escaped from homelessness. I gave this careful thought. My story will take several days to tell. I left you in early November of 1997 with me in a very hopeful position. I had got a job that was decent. Life looked better. Things will get truly dark before I emerge at the other side with a good life full of hope and love..
Your attitude and luck determines what happens to you in life. Some beloved sayings apply here as follows:
From the Chinese: "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step."
From the Greeks: "I think therefore I am."
From William Shakespeare: "Our troubles lie not in our stars but in ourselves."
A folk saying: "If you think you are are. If you think you dare don't."
From my late father: 'Son when you're surrounded by seven mean and angry men and all seems hopeless; keep your mouth shut and your eyes and your ears open. God will always provide"
My oldest daughter Anna is beautiful. She has a brilliant intellect. She is charming in 4 different languages. She always has a good job. She's always in a great relationship. Do her good qualities lead her to all of these things? I think not. Her positive and optimistic attitude makes all of these things happen.
Sadly many people fall into homelessness due to alcohol and drug abuse or mental illness. Some sink so deep that there is no way out. We only have to look at the sad fact that over 30,000 people die each year in the United States due to opiate and heroin overdoses. I was fortunate to still have my health and not to be plagued by substance addiction.

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