Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My Close Call With Lung Cancer

Everyone I have had a medical crisis going on for over a year. At one point it appeared that I had lung cancer.In 2015 I went to the emergency room for severe pain in my lower abdomen. I thought that I had appendicitis. The excellent emergency room physician suspect kidney stones. He sent me for a CT scan.
No kidney stones were found. But a small spot was seen on one of my lungs. I was told to come back in one year for another CT scan.
I followed up and had another CT scan in 2016. The spot detected on my lung had gone away. But a node was detected higher up on the lung. It had the potential to be malignant. There was a serious possibility that I had lung cancer. You can imagine how I felt. I was faced with my own mortality and the possibility that I would die prematurely. (Two dear friends who never smoked had died on lung cancer in their 50's.)
Elena spent a lot of her career as a cancer doctor. She looked at the growth on my lung and saw no speckles around it. This told her that it was not malignant.But she needed more opinions. A top-notch lung doctor came in. He was not sure that it was malignant. He asked me to have a follow-up CT scan in 6 months.
I did this yesterday and just got the test results. The growth has stayed stable. It is not growing as a cancer would. I will have a follow-up in a year

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